Multiple Quantifier Float in Dialectal English

Published in Proceedings of LSA 2020, 2021

This paper focuses on a dialect of English called Philadelphian Irish English (PhIrE) which allows quantifier float under wh-movement. This dialect also allows multiple quantifiers to be stranded at various stages of intermediate movement, a novel pattern not observed before. Here I focus on the patterns of multiple quantifier float and their restrictions. I propose that single and multiple quantifier float are derived through two different mechanisms: stranding and copying, respectively. Single quantifier float is derived through the standard stranding mechanisms, while wh-phrases in multiple quantifier constructions leave multiple copies which then undergo scattered deletion (See Boˇskovi´c 2001; Nunes 2004).

Recommended citation: Asinari, Sarah. (2021). "Multiple Quantifier Float in Dialectal English"; Proceedings of LSA 2020. 6(1).

Case Percolation in Russian Numeral Constructions

Published in University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics, 2020

Recommended citation: Asinari, Sarah. (2020). "Case Percolation in Russian Numeral Constructions." University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics. 25(3), 3.

Published in , 1900